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“MDI offers engineering support for design and manufacturability that is as good as any we have seen. Having a molding partner who provides a resource like this is very valuable for a company like ours who pushes the performance limits of advanced composite materials.”

MDI provides world class engineering support in part design, mold-flow analysis, process simulation and material choices to optimize cost and function for your medical device. Inclusive of DFM - Design for Manufacturability & DFC - Design for Cost, MDI will provide you with a free DFX review and mold flow analysis for any plastic medical component, whether current or in development, at no cost to you. 


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Why Choose MDI?

With Clean Room production out of our Tempe, AZ Facility, along with our long term ISO 13485 Certification, you can be sure your medical device components are being manufactured at the highest level of quality and within strict safety parameters. 

We take an engineering based approach to our quoting process. Our dedicated Program Managers, using scientific molding principles and detailed analysis & simulations, will develop robust process parameters based on your medical component's individual requirements, resulting in the highest level of product quality, reduced scrap rates, and ultimately lower manufacturing costs.

5 Facilities across the United States with over 150,000 total square feet of state of the art manufacturing space, including in-house mold making & maintenance shops. Our services include injection molding, dip molding & coating, MIM (metal injection molding), multi-shot molding, clean room molding, secondary assembly & contract manufacturing services, and more.

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